Women's Sportspersonship

Athletic Principles

The principles of athletics at the Head-Royce School are to offer student-athletes, through participation in competitive sports, an opportunity to experience meaningful growth, accomplishment, and success. This is accomplished through the development of sound habits of mind, heart, and hard work. This process will enable student-athletes to realize their fullest potential.

Statement Of Philosophy

Head-Royce’s athletic program strives to provide experiences that will enable our students to develop physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. Through their participation in athletics, Head-Royce student-athletes will be inspired to become self-motivated, enthusiastic participants in their physical education and further develop attributes such as loyalty, integrity, responsibility, commitment, sportspersonship, teamwork, goal setting, overcoming adversity and healthy attitudes towards winning and losing, all while maintaining behavior consistent with the school’s standards and expectations. In keeping with our philosophy, the athletic program must function as an integral part of the total Head-Royce curriculum and strives to conform with and support the overall mission and objectives of the school.

Code of Sportspersonship

Athletes, coaches, parents, and spectators are expected to represent Head-Royce in a manner that is consistent with good sportspersonship and strong character. Head-Royce will not tolerate behavior that creates conflict, a toxic or unwelcoming environment at our sporting events. Disrespectful behavior by student-athletes, coaches, or spectators towards other players, officials, coaches, or other spectators violates this code is unwelcome in our athletics spaces.

A Culture of Inclusion

In fitting with the values of Head-Royce School, Head-Royce Athletics promotes acceptance and inclusion for all individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender identity or sexual orientation. Hateful or exclusionary speech or action by or towards teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, parents, fans is completely unwelcome and will not be tolerated.


Athletic Department Core Values

The foundation of the Head-Royce athletics department is built on our four core values, which help to ground and guide the actions and interactions of student-athletes, coaches, administrators and parents.  Our core values are: